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Preparing for surgery can be anxiety provoking. You may have many unanswered questions as well as nervousness about the procedure itself. Our office can help you to successfully navigate your treatment, so you can move forward fully empowered and informed. The following information may help you to get an overview of what to expect before surgery.

Preparing properly for surgery can ensure a smooth, seamless experience rather than a stressful one. You will want to enlist friends and family members ahead of time to cover basic chores and childcare while you heal. You may also want to shop for anything you might need or want before surgery so those items are available to you during recovery. Make sure you have someone lined up to drive you home after surgery, as you will not be discharged alone.

It’s imperative that you discuss with your doctor all medications you are currently taking, including herbs and supplements. You may be asked to stop taking certain medications prior to surgery. Additionally, you will need to make some changes to your diet prior to your procedure. If you smoke, the doctor will ask you to quit a full month before your surgery date.

You will be provided detailed instructions about how to prepare for your operation several weeks before your date. Depending on your operation, you will have a specific set of instructions to follow to ensure you have the best and safest outcome possible. We will always be available to answer any questions you may have throughout this process.

Before Surgery Information Frequently Asked Questions

    Before Surgery FAQ's

    What should I wear to my surgery?

    Surgery is not a time to be fashionable. Leave all your valuables and jewelry at home, and only wear loose-fitting clothing that is comfortable. You may have bandages and compression garments on later, so you don’t want to wear anything too tight that might constrict you.

    Remove nail polish and any acrylic nails. Do not put on makeup the day of surgery. Leave contacts behind and wear your glasses. If you wear dentures or any other prosthetic devices, be sure to advise your medical team.

    What is a pre-surgical check-up?

    A few weeks before surgery, the doctor may order a physical exam and lab tests of your blood and urine, a chest x-ray, and an electrocardiogram to test your heart function. These are all standard tests to ensure you are in optimal shape for your surgery.

    What else can I do to prepare for surgery?

    Make sure you rest well and get lots of sleep. Exercise prior to surgery will help you store up stamina and energy for recovery. You may need to rearrange your furniture in some way to prepare for bed rest, or even move your sleeping quarters to the lower level, for instance.

    Take time to inform anyone who might be affected by your recovery, such as your job or clients, teachers or others who rely on you. You may also want to work on some calming techniques such as meditation or visualization. These may come in handy later when you are managing post-operative pain.

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