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After your procedure, you will most likely experience swelling, bruising, tenderness and discomfort. These are not complications, but rather the body’s normal reactions to surgery. We will do everything possible to ensure you are well prepared and well cared for, so you can start enjoying your stunning results as soon as possible.

Dr. Satterwhite or Dr. Gurujal will provide prescriptions for pain medications, as well as compression garments, dressings and drains, depending on the type of procedure you have. If non-absorbable sutures are used, they will typically be removed around 7-14 days post-op.

Some suggested supplies to hand on hand after your surgery include:

  • Books, magazines, movies
  • Neosporin or Aquaphor
  • Ice packs for pain
  • Extra underwear
  • Sweat pants
  • Lap desk
  • Thick pillow or medical donut for comfort while sitting or traveling
  • Hand mirror that allows you to see what you’re doing when changing dressings

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Our doctors at Align recommend that patients start hyperbaric oxygen therapy right away following their surgeries. In a unique therapeutic environment, you’ll breathe 100% oxygen (compared to the 21% we normally breathe) at 2.4X the Earth’s environmental pressure, for up to two hours, as you relax and even watch television. The oxygen infusion will help speed your recovery immensely and is strongly advised.

There is no pain involved, no needles are used, it’s entirely nonsurgical and noninvasive. HBOT saturates the plasma of your blood to help it infuse your body with nutrients, oxygen, and growth factors. It stimulates the growth of new capillaries, reduces swelling, and enhances the immune system.


Quest House and TransHeartLine offer services and support in the San Francisco bay area and are a resource for our post-surgery patients.

Quest House has a mission to assist with lodging and supportive services to tans-males undergoing lower surgery. It is a community-based group designed to honor those making this transition. Please visit their website to find out more:

After Surgery Information

TransHeartLine helps to provide post-operation housing and education for those in the Bay Area. This resource can be invaluable for creating a safe and supportive healing environment for those undergoing gender confirmation. Visit their website for more information:

After Surgery Information

    After Surgery FAQ's

    What kind of activities can I engage in?

    In the beginning, you will need to abstain from all strenuous exercise, including bending, lifting and aerobics for around 4-6 weeks. You don’t want to put any strain or pressure on your incisions. Walking, however, is encouraged, as this can help get your circulation flowing.

    You should not drive while take narcotic pain medications. You need to be clear-headed when on the road in case you have to stop for an emergency. Arrange to take an Uber or have a friend drive you around while you are healing.

    Can I smoke after my surgery?

    You will need to abstain from smoking for at least 30 days after your surgery. Smoking can seriously inhibit the body’s ability to heal.

    What kind of diet should I follow after surgery?

    You may be a little constipated after surgery, so consider drinking prune juice and using Miralax for relief. Avoid taking Metamucil or other fiber drinks, as these can sometimes worsen one’s constipation during a period of inactivity. Mineral oil, magnesium citrate or milk of magnesia will also help with constipation. Other than these notes, you will be able to resume eating all the regular foods you like right away. If you do drink alcohol, remember to do so in moderation.

    Can I shower?

    Your incisions will take 2-3 weeks to heal, so if you shower, avoid spraying the water directly on your incisions. After you rinse off, pat your skin very gently with a towel. You may also opt for a sponge bath, which has less chance of interfering with your bandages and dressings.

    Depending on your operation, the type of dressings you have, and how you are healing, Dr. Satterwhite or Dr. Gurual will instruct you specifically when you can shower and bathe post-operatively. In general, most patients can begin showering a few days to 1 week after their procedure.

    Is there anything else I should know?

    These are very general instructions, but rest assured Dr. Satterwhite and Dr. Gurujal will provide a full, detailed roadmap for your recovery based on your individual procedure. You will have several follow-up visits at our office to ensure your healing is on track, but do not hesitate to call at any hour should something out of the ordinary arise. Thanks to Dr. Satterwhite and Dr. Gurujal's skilled, efficient approach, most clients find their recovery to be far more agreeable and manageable than they had imagined.

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    We remain open to continue serving the transgender community

    With the safety and well-being of our patients and staff as our highest goal, Dr. Satterwhite and Dr. Gurujal are determined to provide needed medical care and planning.

    VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS: we continue to be busy with phone and video visits providing access to all patients interested in gender confirming surgery

    FOLLOW UPS: we continue to provide needed care for our existing patients by phone and video, and in person when medically appropriate

    SURGERY: we are currently performing surgery with proper safety measures in place

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. To the best of our ability, we pledge to keeping you safe, healthy, connected, and informed during COVID-19.

    With best wishes, Your Align Surgical Team

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    We feel deeply for the disruption that coronavirus has likely caused to your lives. Amidst the restrictions in place, we realize that virtual consults, follow ups, and booking future surgical dates may not meet all your needs.

    If there is more we can do for you as a medical practice, we want to know.

    Please reach out and let us know other ways we can help. We have set up points of contact at 415-530-5335 and [email protected] to hear your suggestions.

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