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Like phalloplasty, metoidioplasty is a gender confirming surgery that provides the transitioning FTM client with a functioning, aesthetically attractive phallus, albeit through different means. The team at Align will discuss the pros and cons of both procedures with you during your confidential San Francisco consultation, so you will be able to make the most informed decision possible.

While phalloplasty is accomplished by harvesting tissue from another part of the body, during metoidioplasty, testosterone is released to enlarge the clitoris until it forms a 5-7 cm phallus that has a natural erectile function. The labia can then be reshaped to form a scrotum, and urethral lengthening can be performed to allow one to pee from the phallus while standing up.

Note that if the patient decides to pursue a larger phallus later, phalloplasty can be performed at a future date.

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What are the benefits of metoidioplasty?

  • Shorter healing time than with phalloplasty
  • Cost-effective surgery
  • Low complication rates
  • inconspicuous scarring
  • No need for penile prosthesis
  • Preservation of erotic sensitivity
  • A more natural-looking phallus

Who is a good candidate for metoidioplasty?

Our team will make a determination after an in-depth consult and physical exam at his Bay Area offices. In general, he suggests that clients be in good mental and physical health, at least 18 years old, and non-smokers. The WPATH Standards of Care state that the patient will require pre-operative counseling and at least two letters of support for the procedure. FTM patients should be on hormone therapy for usually at least 2 years in order to get the best results from their metoidioplasty.

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What can I expect from recovery?

Recovery times will vary from client to client, and will depend on the complexity of your surgery, and on whether you underwent scrotoplasty and urethroplasty in tandem with your metoidioplasty. In general, you will probably need at least two weeks before you can return to your normal schedule. You should also avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for 2-4 weeks.

How much does metoidioplasty cost?

Because metoidioplasty is a complex, highly customized procedure, it is difficult to give a quote without a consult with the Align team, who will perform a physical exam and discuss your goals for surgery with you in great detail. We will work with you to secure financing through an array of trusted healthcare lenders.

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