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Undergoing a phalloplasty operation to create the reality of a male organ is one of the most exciting chapters of the FTM journey.

During phalloplasty, a reconstructive gender confirmation surgery, we typically use a free or pedicled flap to create an adult phallus with its arteries, nerves and veins preserved or re-connected. The result is a continuance of blood supply that ensures a pleasing outcome in terms of both aesthetics and sensation. Our team can further enhance these results with testicular implants, penile implants, scrotoplasty, and glansplasty. Urethroplasty is oftentimes performed in a staged fashion to ultimately allow urination from the phallus.

Reconstructive Gender Surgery San Francisco Phalloplasty with Dr. Dev Gurual at Align Surgical Associates

How is phalloplasty performed?

FTM phalloplasty can be performed using flaps from a variety of donor sites including the forearms, the thighs, or the back. The surgeons at Align will discuss each option with you during your confidential consultation in San Francisco, and will determine the best choice for your aesthetic and functional goals.

Benefits of phalloplasty

  • Congruence of inner and outer self-image
  • Confirmation of one’s male gender
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Formation of adult-sized phallus
  • Minimal scarring
  • Undetectable donor site
  • Can be circumcised or uncircumcised
  • Temperature and tactile sensations preserved
Reconstructive Gender Surgery San Francisco
Reconstructive Gender Surgery San Francisco

Dr. Satterwhite is absolutely wonderful! He is kind and compassionate. You can see that he really cares about his patients. He always took the time to listen to me and was there when I needed him. I would not hesitate recommending him.

Reconstructive Gender Surgery San Francisco

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Who is a good candidate for phalloplasty surgery?

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has standards of care in place that require patients over 18 have 2 letters from mental health providers stating their readiness for surgery. Clients must be taking hormones and be non-smokers. Phalloplasty has been shown to have a positive, lasting benefit for transmen who desire reconstructive gender-confirmation surgery.

What can I expect from my recovery?

Bruising, swelling and discomfort are to be expected after any major surgery, but our team at Align Surgical will help control these symptoms with prescription pain medications and will provide you with a complete set of aftercare instructions. You will have follow up visits with our office in San Francisco within 2-3 weeks, and you can expect to return to your full routine within around 6 – 8 weeks.

What is the cost of phalloplasty?

Phalloplasty is a complex, intricate procedure that is highly customized, so the cost will vary from client to client based on the technique chosen, the type of flap used, anesthesia, hospitals fees and surgeon’s fees. Our office will be able to give you a detailed, personalized quote after we meet with you for your Bay Area consultation. We will work with you to secure funding through our relationships with reputable healthcare lenders, some of which can give you instant approval for financing.

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