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Reshaping the bone structure of the face and head for a more feminine appearance can provide tremendous self-esteem and confidence in the MTF client.

The female face has a softer look due to a higher brow and more recessed forehead, which gives their eyes a brighter, more open aesthetic. During frontal sinus setback, the anterior wall of the frontal sinus is moved to a more feminine position, which affects every aspect of the face, from the forehead to the eye sockets and the cheekbones.

Only a doctor such as Dr. Satterwhite with extensive craniofacial surgical skill and experience should attempt such a procedure, for it is highly delicate and complex, with the frontal sinus being dangerously close to the cranial cavity. Imaging is typically performed pre-operatively to imaging is typically performed pre-operatively to help determine the appropriate and safe amount of setback that will retain the patient’s individuality while still accomplishing their cosmetic goals.

How is frontal sinus setback performed?

The bone along the periphery of the frontal sinus will be shaved and smoothed, and the new shape of the forehead will be secured with micro titanium plates and screws. These materials are entirely biocompatible, long-lasting and hypoallergenic.

Frontal Sinus Setback San Francisco
Frontal Sinus Setback San Francisco

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Dr. Satterwhite evaluated all of my wants and needs and helped me find a surgical plan that fit my lifestyle. He is an AMAZING surgeon and one of the best doctors I have ever been treated by. He is above the REST!

Frontal Sinus Setback San Francisco

What are the advantages of frontal sinus setback?

  • A more feminine appearance to the nose, eyes, forehead and upper face
  • Increased self-confidence in one’s image
  • Gender-confirming surgery
  • Long-lasting results
  • Natural, seamless outcome

Who is a good candidate for the procedure?

Those MTF patients with masculine bone structure, a protruding or prominent brow and frontal sinus bone will make good candidates, provided they are in good health, both physically and emotionallymentally, and have realistic expectations for their outcome. It goes without saying that patients should be non-smokers, for smoking greatly increases the risk of complications and can significantly slow down recovery.

FrontalSinus Setback

What is the cost for frontal sinus setback in San Francisco?

The cost will vary according to the complexity of the work performed, the anesthesia chosen, the facility fees and the surgeon’s fees. Dr. Satterwhite will provide an in-depth, customized quote for you during your Bay Area confidential consultation.

Why choose Dr. Satterwhite?

Dr. Satterwhite possesses the meticulous attention to detail, impeccable skill and artistry to create stunning facial feminization results for his MTF clients. He has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area transgender community for decades, and has created a cosmetic sanctuary where transitioning patients can feel they truly have a home away from home.

Dr. Satterwhite received his medical degree from the world-renowned Stanford University, which he followed with an elite residency in plastic surgery at Stanford Hospital. In addition, he completed a demanding fellowship in craniofacial surgery under the tutelage of the internationally respected surgical authority, Dr. Anthony Wolfe.

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