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Altering the chin’s appearance is one of the chief endeavors of facial feminization. During genioplasty, the chin can be moved forward, backwards, side to side, made longer or shorter, or wider or narrower, according to the unique needs of each patient. Dr. Satterwhite will decide the best approach for your goals after you meet with him for a private consultation in San Francisco.

There are three main techniques involved in genioplasty:

Sliding genioplasty

Here the surgeon cuts the chin bone from the jaw and corrects its position.

Chin implants

In this case, a silicone implant is used to alter the shape of the chin, creating a more feminine contour.

Dermal fillers and fat transfer

Injectables can also be used to reshape the chin, giving it a more oval, feminine look.

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Genioplasty San Francisco

    Genioplasty FAQ's

    What benefits come with genioplasty?

    • Improved confidence in one’s image
    • Gender-affirming procedure
    • Long-lasting outcome
    • Natural-looking results
    • A more feminine facial aesthetic
    • Greater balance to the features
    • Highly customized procedure

    Who makes a good genioplasty candidate?

    MTF clients who are unhappy with a masculine-looking chin will benefit greatly from genioplasty. Dr. Satterwhite requires that all who undergo surgery be non-smokers in adequate health, on both a physical and emotional level, and that they have realistic expectations for their results, based on their confidential San Francisco consultation.

    What can I expect from recovery?

    Patients will usually take antibiotics for several days to ensure no infections arise. Stitches within the mouth will gradually be absorbed by the body. A soft food diet is recommended for the first month, and you must rinse your mouth with a prescription mouthwash after every meal. Exercise should be delayed for about 30 days as you heal and recover. Major swelling and bruising will go away within 21-30 days, while minor swelling may persist up to 1 year.

    What is the cost for genioplasty?

    The exact cost will need to be calculated based on your unique anatomy and goals for improvement. Anesthesia, facility fees and surgeon’s fees will all affect the final cost. Dr. Satterwhite will offer you an in-depth, personalized quote at the end of your private consultation in San Francisco.

    Why select Dr. Satterwhite for genioplasty surgery in San Francisco?

    Dr. Satterwhite is a compassionate, experienced plastic surgeon serving the transgender community in San Francisco and beyond. He is patient, trustworthy and kind, and always establishes an instant rapport with his clients, setting them at ease as they navigate the challenging waters of their transition. His facial feminization results are natural-looking and elegant, setting him apart in terms of his artistry.

    Dr. Satterwhite attended Stanford University where he received his medical degree, before going on to complete a distinguished residency in plastic surgery at Stanford Hospital. He then continued honing his craft by pursuing a craniofacial fellowship under the guidance of world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Wolfe.

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