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When pursuing facial feminization, it’s important to understand the innate differences between the male and female anatomy. In the case of the upper face, a masculine forehead is higher and is typically shaped like an “M.” A feminine forehead is lower and is shaped like an inverted, oval “U.” The hairline advancement treatment can give the MTF patient a softer, more feminine appearance in the forehead, improving confidence and affirming authentic gender identity.

Dr. Satterwhite performs hairline advancement for all members of the transgender community in San Francisco and beyond.

How is hairline advancement achieved?

Dr. Satterwhite will create a trichophytic incision within the hairline, advancing the hair-laden scalp tissue forward. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with forehead contouring and brow lift. Hairline advancement cannot be performed on a patient who has significant hair loss or balding. In these cases, hair transplantation will have to be considered.

Hairline Advancement San Francisco
Hairline Advancement San Francisco

What are the benefits of hairline advancement?

  • Creates a more feminine, “wispy” hairline
  • Affirms one’s gender identity
  • Improves self-confidence in one’s image
  • Shrinks the amount of space above the eyebrows
  • Minimal, inconspicuous scarring
  • Long-lasting results
  • Natural-looking outcome

Who makes a good candidate for hairline advancement?

  • One who is frustrated by a prominent, large forehead
  • Patient who is seeking a more feminine aesthetic
  • In good health, both emotionally and physically
  • Non-smoker
  • Realistic expectations based on your Bay Area consultation

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Hairline Advancement

What will my recovery be like?

There is mild post-surgical pain associated with hairline advancement, although you may experience some swelling and bruising in the forehead and around the eyes. You may feel tenderness and minor discomfort for up to one week post-op. You can return to your full routine within 1 month. Short-term numbness in the scalp may persist for several months (up to a year in some cases), but this is harmless and will eventually subside.

Dr. Satterwhite is the best surgeon in the US. After years of research, he is the only surgeon I would trust to help me with my transition. He was supportive, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Do not think twice about choosing him to help you change your life!

Hairline Advancement San Francisco

    Hairline Advancement FAQ's

    How much does hairline advancement cost?

    Hairline advancement surgery prices vary depending on the complexity of the work performed, and on how many stages are required to get a comprehensive result. Dr. Satterwhite always provides a customized, in-depth quote at the time of consultation, so you will be fully informed and empowered before moving forward. We offer assistance with applying for financing from a variety of reputable healthcare lenders.

    Why select Dr. Satterwhite for my surgery?

    Dr. Satterwhite combines consummate skill and expertise with an artistic eye for balance and beauty, and as such can create stunning outcomes for his MTF patients in terms of facial feminization techniques. He is able to customize his work to suit each client’s unique anatomy, goals and aesthetic sensibilities.

    Dr. Satterwhite graduated with honors from Stanford University, obtaining his medical degree and then going on to complete an elite plastic surgery residency at Stanford Hospital. He is the recipient of multiple awards for his research and oral presentations in the field of reconstructive surgery.

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