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The jawline is among the most gender-identifying areas of the face, along with the forehead, the nose and the hairline. Males tend to have more square, prominent jaws with larger chewing muscles, while women have more oval-shaped faces with narrower, delicate-looking jawlines.

A mandible contouring procedure reshapes the jaw for a rounder, more feminine aesthetic that in turn affects every other feature in the face. The bones within the chin are typically reshaped at the same time.

How is mandible contouring performed?

During the procedure, Dr. Satterwhite will create inconspicuous incisions within the mouth so any scarring will be invisible. Incisions are created between the gums and the cheeks in order to fully access the jawbone. The bone is then shaved and shaped with surgical instruments to create a more rounded, feminine form. The wounds are closed with dissolvable sutures.

What are the benefits associated with mandible contouring?

  • Scars concealed within the mouth
  • Rounder, more delicate jawline
  • Self-dissolving sutures
  • Improved self-confidence in one’s image
  • Natural-looking result
  • Long-lasting outcome
Mandible Contouring San Francisco
Mandible Contouring San Francisco

Dr. Satterwhite has the best bedside manner out of any doctor I've met. He will never pressure you into doing something risky like other surgeons. He is very professional.

Jaw Contouring San Francisco

    Mandible Contouring FAQ's

    Who makes the best candidate for facial feminization with mandible contouring?

    If you feel that your jaw and chin are giving your face an undesirably masculine appearance, mandible contouring might be an ideal procedure for your aesthetic goals. Dr. Satterwhite requires that you be a non-smoker in good health, both psychologically and physiologically, and that you have reasonable expectations for your final results based on your Bay Area consultation.

    What does recovery from jaw contouring involve?

    Dr. Satterwhite will place a bandage after surgery to help reduce swelling and keep your new jaw shape intact. You will face some extended swelling and bruising for at least 2-4 weeks. The shape of your new jaw will be most visible at around 3 months, but final results will not be apparent until 1 year post op. For the first month after surgery, you will need to eat soft foods such as soups and puddings, and you will need to limit your physical activities. Dr. Satterwhite will ensure you are kept comfortable at all times through prescription pain medication, and he will also furnish you with antibiotics to help prevent post-operative infection.

    What fees are there for mandible contouring?

    The cost for mandible contouring will change according to the surgical approach chosen and how much work is required to meet your goal. Other factors include anesthesia, the facility fees and the surgeon’s fees. Dr. Satterwhite will make sure you leave your initial consultation in San Francisco will a detailed, personalized quote so you can move forward feeling informed and empowered.

    Where in San Francisco is mandible contouring performed?

    Dr. Satterwhite performs many of his treatments at his accredited state-of-the-art outpatient center in the Bay Area. This incredible facility has a friendly, caring staff on hand to help guide you through your MTF journey around the clock. You will enjoy a peaceful, stylish setting with ample amenities and concierge service. Our medical center follows all the same strict safety guidelines as any local hospital, but affords you a much greater degree of personal dignity, discretion, convenience and personalized attention.

    Why choose Dr. Satterwhite in the Bay Area for mandible contouring?

    Dr. Satterwhite has a refined and sophisticated artistic sensibility that informs his facial feminization techniques. He customizes each procedure to the individual, delivering exquisite outcomes that reflect your authentic beauty and inner feminine spirit.

    Dr. Satterwhite graduated from medical school with honors at the prestigious Stanford University, and continued with an elite residency in plastic surgery at Stanford Hospital, considered among the foremost training facilities in the world. He was the recipient of the Plastic Surgery Foundation Award from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for his intrepid research and insightful contributions to his field.

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